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What is CODEX-U?
It is a theft-prevention device designed to allow you to carry your U-lock in a discrete and practical way, without getting in your way, and at the same time offers you a support pannier for transporting packages or saddlebags.

The U-lock, considered the most secure on the market, is designed to completely adapt to the look of the bicycle, in terms of paint and structure, as it is firmly attached and out of sight, forming part of the innovative structure of the piece.

- It is the most comfortable, practical and intuitive way to transport your U-lock, the best lock on the market.

- You can carry your U-lock discretely, fully integrated into the bicycle frame.

- It also lets you carry packages and saddlebags

- You can customise it with any image you want!

Padlock with luggage rack for bicycles - Codex-U


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