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The CODEX-U URBAN carrier with U-lock is designed to be your ideal companion in the city. It facilitates the secure transport of your load and your U-lock in all types of situations, thanks to the adjustable straps that attach to the rear of the bicycle frame.

CODEX-U URBAN also acts as a mudguard and adapts to all wheel types and sizes. It also includes a bar which attaches directly to the seat post. It is the most resistant and secure in the world, with a maximum load of 15 kg and, most importantly, impedes the theft of your bicycle.

- A replacement for the traditional chain lock that damages the colour of your bicycle frame
- It impedes bicycle theft
- It works as a mudguard
- It carries saddlebags
- The most resistant carrier in the world

Codex-U Urban – U-locks for Bike with luggage carrier


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